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   Nordkapp Turisthotell, N‐9763 Skarsvåg, Tel (+47) 942 04 339 (Anette) / (+47) 412 21 170 (Tom Ørjan) / E-mail anepet@gmail.com




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Skarsvåg – The World's Most Northern Fishermen Village

Nordkapp Turisthotell is perfect starting point for walks to the nearer surroundings or longer tours, for instance to Knivsjellodden and Hornvika.

Nordkapp Turisthotell's nearer surroundings provide several rich fish grounds. If you wish to observe marine birds at one of Norway's largest bird rocks, we will help you with booking a bird safari starting from Gjesvær and lasting about 1.5 hours.

Also highly popular is visiting Skarsvåg tourist center. It allows for buying souvenirs, coffee, beverages and food. The first floor houses a small photo gallery, showing pictures of the village. The fish tanks in front of the center allow for studying the king crabs' movements. You may be take them from the tank and hold them in your hands for a photo. The crabs are huge and weigh up to 5-6 kilos. They are most popular.

Right at the center there is a large asphalt parking site. Boats can be leased for photo and fishing tours to the North Cape.

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